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Genki! Premium Soft

Go for it, little baby! Give it your all, newborn Genki!

Genki! symbolizes health and vigor. Babies contain overflowing curiosity about their surroundings. Babies contain overflowing energy which brings joy to everyone. By living life to its fullest filled with smiles, babies are precious treasures whom connect people to the future. With exceptional quality backed by solid research about babies bottoms, nepia Genki! is able to respond to the baby’s “Genki” as well as answer the overflowing feelings of mum and dad. “Genki” babies will bring forth a “Genki” nation! nepia Genki! supports the “Genki” of your baby today as well!!

Product Lineup

nepia Genki! Premium Soft is made in Oji Nepia's factories in Japan.

Premium Soft TAPE

Premium Soft PANTS

※The package is different from the product which is sold in Japan.

Product Features

TAPE Type. Soft diapers made to be gentle on a newborn's skin.

Rear gather prevents back leaks (M size and above).Snugly fitting rear gather prevents heavy leakage from occurring behind the baby.

Double-slit absorption.Absorbs & diffuses moisture quickly & efficiently to keep the baby dry even after multiple wettings.

Soft and smooth.Gentle on a newborn's skin, even the standing gathers are soft!

Highly breathable embossed sheet.Embossed sheet with smooth cushion facilitates air flow to keep the baby dry & comfortable at all times.

Wetness indicator.Yellow to blue indicates that it's time for a change!

Diaper designs. NB & S size: Each package contains 1 of 5 designs. M, L, & XL size: Each package contains 1 of 4 designs.

PANTS Type. Comfortable and breathable diapers keep even active babies dry.

Triple ventilation waist.Nepia’s unique 3-way ventilation technology enables moisture to escape easily, keeping even the sweat-prone stomach area dry.

Soft and smooth.Standing gathers are soft and comfortable even for active babies.An airy cushion also surrounds the stomach area.

Super snug fit!Super snug fit prevents gaps from being formed even during high activity which in turn stops leakages.

Wetness indicator.Yellow to blue indicates that it's time for a change!

Diaper designs. M size: Each package contains 3 of 15 designs. L, XL, & XXL size: Each package contains 2 of 10 designs.

Size chart

Choose the most suitable based on your baby's growth and development.

For new borns.

From lying down to sitting up.

From sitting up to crawling.

When the baby starts walking.

Based on the growth of the baby.

For babies up to 25 kg.