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Genki! Premium Soft

What is "Genki!"? Spread the joy and life from your child to the entire family with nepia Genki!

"nepia Genki!" is the Japanese word for healthiness and vigor. Nothing is more important than "healthiness and vigor" of their children. nepia Genki! was created to convey this great love of parents, in the hopes of bringing healthiness and love to families throughout the world.

Product Lineup

nepia Genki! Premium Soft is made in Oji Nepia's factories in Japan.

Premium Soft TAPE

Premium Soft PANTS

※The package is different from the product which is sold in Japan.

Product Features

TAPE Type. Soft diapers made to be gentle on a newborn's skin.

1:Form-fitting back. 2:Nepia's original deep embossing.

3:Soft and gentle on the skin.

Diaper designs. NB & S size: Each package contains 1 of 5 designs. M, L, & XL size: Each package contains 1 of 4 designs.

PANTS Type. Gentle diapers made for a comfortable fit.

1:Incredibly soft and breathable waist. 2:Super comfortable fit!

3:Quick absorption. 4.Wetness indicator for fast response.

Diaper designs. M size: Each package contains 3 of 15 designs. L, XL, & XXL size: Each package contains 2 of 10 designs.

Get the right fit for your baby.

Choose the right diaper based on your baby's growth and development.